Talas Pái (talaspai) wrote in huginnjournal,
Talas Pái

Good Disting!

We hope this Disting/Ewemeolc/Imbolg finds you happy and healthy! To help offset the hosting costs of HUGINN and in honor of the ancient -- and continuing -- Disting Market in Uppsala, we are offering a special treat.

From now until midnight GMT Wednesday 3 February, we are offering an original HUGINN-themed Disting wallpaper to anyone who donates $1 or more! The photograph is the work of HUGINN editor Talas Pái, taken near dawn on the morning of a past Disting, with the HUGINN logo subtly impressed on the lower corner.

How to get it: simply Paypal $1 or more to donate@huginnjournal.com, and in the donation form note your screen resolution. I send back your HUGINN wallpaper, customized to the exact size of your monitor (and with no watermark), BUT ONLY until midnight GMT on Wednesday, 3 February!

All the donations received -- from this and any other donation -- always go exclusively towards the upkeep of HUGINN, including monthly hosting and domain registration.

And thanks again, everybody, for supporting HUGINN!
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