Talas Pái (talaspai) wrote in huginnjournal,
Talas Pái

HUGINN is live!

FINALLY! Huginn's Yule 2010 debut issue is LIVE!

Finally, after more than two years of planning, HUGINN has premiered! This issue explores the various controversies and figures in heathen practice, theology, mythology, history and politics, and examining how heathenry fits into the greater neopagan community. THE TROUBLE features essays from Elizabeth Vongvisith, Raven Kaldera, Galina Krasskova, Coral Mallow and Talas Pái, with art by Stacey Lawless and poetry by Maris Pái.

Includes "The Conundrum of Bloodlines", "Harry Potter and the Twilight of the Gods", essays and art examining Loki's place in the mythos, "Performativity and the Development of American Heathen Culture" and MORE!

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