Talas Pái (talaspai) wrote in huginnjournal,
Talas Pái

Dec. 10 deadline

4 days until the Dec. 10 deadline for submissions for the Yule 2010 debut issue of HUGINN!

The debut issue will deal with THE TROUBLE with the various controversies and figures in heathen practice, theology, mythology, history and politics, and how heathenry fits into the greater 'neo-pagan' community.

Writers are encouraged to submit scholarly and/or experiential articles, stories, poems, columns, which deal with some aspect of THE TROUBLE, in either plain text (TXT) or rich text (RTF) to huginnjournal@gmail.com. Artists are encouraged to submit high-resolution original full color OR black-and-white art in PNG, GIF, JPEG or TIFF to huginnjournal@gmail.com. For inquiries into full-color cover art, please email huginnjournal@gmail.com.

For other questions or comments, please email me at huginnjournal@gmail.com.

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