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Talas Pái

LAUNCH: Yule 2010

So much has changed in my life since I originally conceived of HUGINN in 2008. My perspective and practice has changed dramatically, partly due to a move halfway around the world. HUGINN was packed away with most of my possessions, but wyrd is inevitable and so many people have already contributed to HUGINN; it's still absolutely necessary. With Yule approaching and the start of a new year, I feel it's time to make a fresh start and launch HUGINN.

HUGINN will be launched for Yule 2010 as an online journal/magazine at http://huginnjournal.com, with issues available for .pdf download for e-book readers or to print.

HUGINN is named for Thought, especially thought that goes out into the world and transforms it. Likewise, the voices aired in HUGINN are those which heathenry needs most right now: of faith, of exploration, of mysticism, of global community, of experience, of experimentation, of radicalism, of aggressive acceptance of those the gods choose.

The subtitle (a journal of alternative heathen viewpoints) pretty much explains the general mandate of HUGINN, which is to provide a forum and voice to viewpoints outside of the heathen mainstream -- what I would term 'liberal heathenry' or 'northern-tradition paganism' (loosely: anti-racist, pro-mysticism people).

HUGINN is now accepting additional submissions for the Yule 2010 debut issue. Submissions are due by December 10.

The debut issue will deal with THE TROUBLE with the various controversies and figures in heathen practice, theology, mythology, history and politics, and how heathenry fits into the greater 'neo-pagan' community.

Writers are encouraged to submit scholarly and/or experiential articles, stories, poems, columns, which deal with some aspect of THE TROUBLE, in either plain text (TXT) or rich text (RTF) to huginnjournal@gmail.com. Artists are encouraged to submit high-resolution original full color OR black-and-white art in PNG, GIF, JPEG or TIFF to huginnjournal@gmail.com. For inquiries into full-color cover art, please email huginnjournal@gmail.com. New or not-yet-established writers and artists are more than welcome.

For other questions or comments, please email me at huginnjournal@gmail.com.

Further updates will be posted here, on Facebook (friend us!) and on Twitter. Please feel free to promote HUGINN anywhere people would be interested.
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